portfolio6 - This can be an intimidating task as Risk Management is often moved toward preventing risk rather than creating value.

The Cost of Poor Risk Management

Contracts are the basis of every project and they come with liabilities and responsibilities to manage. This can be an intimidating task as Risk Management is often moved toward preventing risk rather than creating value. Staying ahead to manage risks is critical for the project management process because the construction industry needs flawless document control, strong financial management, and whole collaboration.

Risk Management software is built to make sure all of these characteristics flow together so that your company stays ahead of managing risk with a positive outlook. Here are some important elements to consider when using best practices for risk management.

What is the cost of poor risk management?

Assuming that everything is working out is not a good strategy. Assuming that nothing will go well and that the sky is going to fall isn’t a good strategy. It’s necessary to balance between handling risk properly and ignoring it completely.

Mismanaged risk leads to anxiety, rash decisions, unstable workplaces resulting in poor performance, losing employees, and weak relationships. Risk Management is the center point of stability in handling all of these factors.

Set Expectations Instead.

There are many risk factors to think about when working on a project. Though, it’s vital to remember that Risk Management not only includes preventative measures but also opportunities for your company to benefit from.


Making sure you have the right candidates on the job is critical to how your project will flow in the long run. People who have the right attitude and behaviors will influence the rest of the team by increasing productivity and skillsets required throughout the project.


The most important Construction Risk to stay ahead of is to know the right safety protocols. The right procedures on the sites are important to make sure the team creates quality work in a safe environment. If there is no Risk Management in safety it can be highly unsettling to a project.

Cost and Change Management

Your company’s success depends on the accuracy of the bid. A common risk for companies is finding misconstrued bids. This is the number one risk you should be focusing on. Researching costs in the local area of your project or bringing in an experienced estimator will help you know what it’s going to take to produce your project and build it.

Expectations Set by Stakeholders

This is a significant element because if the potentials are not clear the communication chain is interrupted. Making sure they are involved in every conversation and have enough information, from the owner to the Design Architects or your vendors, will drive what kind of risk you have. At Grace Engineering it’s important to be as transparent as possible. The more communication and information, the fewer potential risks.

External Factors

Weather conditions can be damaging to projects with the number of risks involved. How and when you schedule things is going to be affected by the seasons and storms. Setting expectations for delays due to weather is vital. Planning and considering all elements that could delay the ability to do a job is part of staying ahead of risk.


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