Speeding Up Project Closeout Begins at the site

Impressing the project owners at the handoff feels good. And it increases the chance of increasing business for your construction company.

Speeding Up Project Closeout Begins at the site

When it comes to long-running projects, few of us know how they started, but we all know how they ended. The final impression you leave on an owner is just as important as your first impression — especially when you hope to earn repeat business. A successful project closeout has to be the main objective from day one. You can speed up the project closeout by taking a few simple steps.

Setting Up a Successful Project Closeout

The most significant effort you can do to make sure an effective project closeout is to keep your eye on the finish line from the beginning. Collecting the financials, final documentation, resolving change orders, and other project closeout tasks can be vastly time-consuming. Most contractors wait until they are finalizing their project to start thinking about and planning for the closeout steps. If you start planning for your project closeout at the start of your project, you will avoid unnecessary delays and overages.

Creating a project closeout document before you even break ground can be helpful. Include information like deadline dates for specific actions and identify people in charge of detailed closeout action tasks. Doing this way everybody knows from the starting what the expectations are for the closeout process — and their part in getting it done. Use the document to inform your lineup throughout the project, and maintain accountability for each person’s tasks along the way. When the profit is realized, you’ll be able to record the steps you took at the beginning of your project that directly impacted your closeout process.

Boost Jobsite Efficiency to Improve Your Closeout.

Daily actions taken daily, at the site, will speed up your project closeout and save you money. Well, planned steps such as having enough receptacles for waste or scheduling extra working of labor for days you need to remove tools that will keep you from losing time at the end of your project and overpaying to get things done fast.

Most importantly, saving time throughout the project by using advanced technology to keep a record of important receipts and documents. Having those important items at your fingertips in one central location, available for all project team members for easy access and association, will save you time in your project and during the project closeout process. No more scrambling for contracts or plans that you haven’t seen in weeks, or even months! Grace Engineering’s construction management platform provides all of these features for you.

A Smooth Project Closeout Will Impress the Owners

Impressing the project owners at the handoff feels good. And it increases the chance of increasing business for your construction company. With the proper equipment and tools, well-documented project closeout is simple and leaves everybody with a confident impression of the overall project.


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