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Architecture Planning

Whether you’re designing an office space or are building your dream house, you need a design architect with excellent design and quality service in order to bring your vision to life. At Grace Engineering Pllc., our highly experienced team will help you every step of the way from conception to completion.

Engineering Designs

Behind the facade and cosmetic there are basic Engineering systems. To complement our inspections services Grace Engineering PLLC offers the design of plans and specifications for repair, upgrading and new construction.

Facade Restoration

Water infiteration is not only bothersome to the tenants but also potential hazardous condition to the structural integrity of the building. water damage can compromise the underlying steel and wood support supports, causing expansion, cracking and uncontrolle movement of stones, concrete, bricks and sheetrock of the walls and ceilings.

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New 12 story building with 93 Rental Apartments. Performed Safety Management Services from April 16 to March 18. Also involved in Special Investigations & Engineering Design.



A challenging project, that had to be completed in a very short time.

Residential Apartments

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Site safety and related support services between May – Dec 18. A challenging and demanding project.

Renovation & Refurbishment

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Commercial Office Spaces

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Construction Business

Whether you’re designing an office space or are building your dream house, you need a design architect with excellent design and quality service in order to bring your vision to life. At Grace Engineering Pllc., our highly experienced team will help you every step of the way from conception to completion.

Classic or Modern Designs
We can design a contemporary space or one of timeless traditional elegance, and our designs also combine style and sophistication with comfort and simplicity to help make the most of your residential or commercial spaces. We’re dedicated to your satisfaction, and that’s why we offer quick responses and creative ideas to meet your needs.

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Grace Engineering Pllc. works hard to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, and our skilled New York design architects will collaborate with your designers and construction professionals to bring your project to a successful completion. Call us today for more information or to schedule an estimate.

We’re available Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm and on weekends by appointment.

Grace Engineering’s Design team includes professional engineers, registered architects and interior designers who have extensive experience in design and project management. We pride ourselves in viewing each project ith individualism and creativity, shared across many disciplines

Skill Sets

Building 90%
Maintenance 80%
Renovation 75%

Grace ENGINEEING Pllc. is a Special Inspection Agency accredited by the International Accreditation Service(IAS), with IAS accreditation SIA-173-NY. Accreditation is a requirement for conducting special inspections for the New York City Department of Buildings, New York State agencies that adhere to the Building Code of New York State and many other municipalities/agencies.

A Special Inspection Agency is a unique organization that enforces strict quality control and assurance procedures through the Special Inspectors that it employs, all of whom possess specific professional licenses and/or certifications to perform independent inspections of critical structural and life safety components during building construction. Maintaining IAS accreditation requires external and internal audits of the organization’s procedures, in this case Grace, that are conducted by IAS and by independent senior representatives of GRACE management, in order to verify and assure that the organization remains qualified to carry out the technical responsibilities of special inspections for a building owner.

GRACE Engineering Pllc is accredited by the IAS in every conceivable category required for building construction. We have, in addition, the qualifications and experience in all of the requirements for the growing field of Progress Inspection requirements, which cover ongoing field inspections of critical construction work. This is not surprising for GRACE Engineering Pllc a multi-disciplined engineering, construction management, architecture, material testing and land surveying firm with over 10 years quality services experience embedded in its culture. The key areas of Special and Progress Inspections offered are:

  • 1. Concrete Cast-in-Place
  • 2. Concrete Test Cylinders
  • 3. Soils–Site Preparation
  • 4. Soils–Fill Placement and In-Place Density
  • 5. Soils–Investigations (Borings/Test Pits)
  • 6. Structural Steel–Plant Fabrication, Site and
  • 7. Field Welding
  • 8. Steel Erection and High-Strength Bolting
  • 9. Masonry
  • 10. Pier Foundations and Drilled Pier Installations
  • 11. Mechanical Systems
  • 12. Underpinning
  • 13. Wall panels, Curtain Walls and Veneers
  • 14. Exterior Installation Finish Systems (EIFS)
  • 15. Structural Safety–Structural Stability
  • 16. Firestops, Draftstop and Fireblock Systems
  • 17. Footing and Foundation

Skill Sets

Building 90%
Reinnovation 75%
Maintenance 80%

Grace Engineering Pllc provides licensed Site Safety Managers for new construction or demolition sites on major buildings.

A major building as per current local legislation and definition is defined as a building that is proposed to:

  • As designated by the Commissioner
  • Be constructed to a height of 125 feet or more
  • Be constructed to a height of 10 or more stories
  • Have a lot coverage of 100,000 square feet or more regardless of height

Section 3310 mandates that a Site Safety Manager must be designated and present on the construction or demolition of major buildings. Grace Engineering Pllc has several licensed highly trained and component site safety managers readily available to quickly fulfil your project requirements. We can also provide non-licensed site coordinators where it is appropriate to do so.

Grace Engineering Pllc can also develop Site Safety Plans for any projects that require them. According to chapter 33, Section 3310.3 of the 2014 NYC Building Code “No permit shall be issued for the construction or demolition of a major building, or for the alteration of the facade of a major building when a sidewalk shed is required until a Site Safety Plan that meets the requirements of Article 110 Chapter 1 of Title 28 of the Administrative Code has been approved by the Department”

Skill Sets

Maintenance 80%
Building 90%
Reinnovation 75%

Most Constructors seek proactive preventative measures to ensure reduced workplace accidents and losses. To support this Grace Engineering Pllc can undertake regular inspections of your project to help you in minimizing typically encountered risks & hazards throughout the duration of your construction project. These inspections conducted by a qualified safety professional can help you to reduce or avoid potential dangers, violations, fines, or lawsuits. Please Contact Us for more information on our Site Safety Management services offering

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