Benefits of Planned Maintenance

Benefits of Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance is a practical approach to maintenance in which maintenance work is scheduled to take place daily. The kind of work to be done and the frequency vary based on the tools being maintained, and the environment in which it is working.

The main objective of planned maintenance is to maximize tools performance by keeping tools running safely for as long as possible, without that tool failing or having unplanned outages.

Planned maintenance includes any maintenance work scheduled priorly. For instance, changing the oil in a vehicle because the oil light came on is not planned maintenance. Changing the oil because the vehicle had crossed 3,000 miles would be planned. Planned Maintenance is a scheduled maintenance operation or service, that is done to make sure that the tools, or equipment components, are working properly and within the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Planned maintenance includes preventive maintenance tasks such as checking oil levels when those tasks are preplanned.

The schedule for planned tasks can be based on the tool’s running hours, several items manufactured, distance traveled, or other measurable factors.

Using Computer Systems

Since planned tasks are done on a daily schedule, they can be used to deliver information to feed a computerized system that tracks maintenance requirements, as well as being scheduled using a computerized system. Furthermore, remember that a computer is only a place to save data and schedule tasks. It does not design your planned maintenance system nor control how to get the work done.

Working with the production department, and at times a servicing representative from the manufacturer, tools maintenance that needs to be frequently scheduled should be identified and a proper schedule developed. A process for measuring the effectiveness of the planned maintenance work should also be developed so that the overall planning system, as well as the individual tasks, can be evaluated.

One of the key objectives of planned maintenance is to make sure the tools comply with specifications and to identify potential performance problems. The aim is to find and remove problems before they cause an unscheduled outage.

Benefits of Planned Maintenance

The main benefit of planned maintenance is that the work can be scheduled in ways that it does not interfere with production. This may mean scheduling maintenance during times of the year when there is less demand or doing maintenance at night when most of the workers are not operating.

Other benefits of planned maintenance include:

  • Reduces unplanned tool interruption and enhances overall tool performance.
  • Repair costs are reduced because problems are fixed when they are minor.
  • More efficient use of workforce and other resources because maintenance work, parts inventory, equipment, and financial costs, can be spread more evenly throughout the year.
  • Better planning of spare parts usage and order.
  • Helping to make sure the manufacturer’s requirements for warranty compliance are met.
  • Reducing maintenance costs.

There are also a few secondary benefits of using planned maintenance. These include:

  • workplace safety.
  • Procedures are made to plan the use of, monitor, and control resources.
  • Improvise the communication between maintenance and operations.
  • Provides a daily plan for supervisors such that employees have a full day of work every day.
  • Creating a performance monitoring system that allows maintenance activities to be better evaluated and improved.


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